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Foodie Friday! - Ripe Tomato Cake

Here's a great cake recipe ... and a cooked icing recipe ... that is so good.  It uses ripe tomatoes ... not green ones and not tomato soup.  Don't overbake it ... watch it closely!  I bake mine in an 8 inch square pan and just pile the icing on top ... but you could split it into two layers and the icing is enough to frost both layers.  You'll love it!  Don't forget to click through the Foodie Friday icon to see all the other posts!


  1. I didn't realize at first that you were talking about a real cake. Very interesting.


  2. Wow I love you Indiana glass. My favorite color is blue.

  3. It does always star with the big, pink cuteness of piggies. lol

  4. Also..your yummy apple display and collection has inspired me to get my bum in gear and have a tablesetting soon with my vintage Fransiscan Apple dishes!!


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