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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Victoria's Trifle

The first time I ever made a trifle, I used a recipe that was in Victoria Magazine!  Since then,  I've made it scores of times ... especially at Christmastime as shown in this picture ... and many times during the summer with fruits in season.  One year we gave trifle kits as Christmas gifts to our friends.  I filled trifle bowls with the ingredients for a quick/instant pudding style trifle ... and made a cute giant recipe card that also had the history of trifle on it.

Trifle comes from English Renaissance times ... but was popularized by Queen Victoria.   Did you know that she started keeping a journal of recipes and menus when she was just a child?  She truly planned and supervised the preparation of both family and State dinners in her court ... using her own recipes.   Sponge cake was a favorite of hers ... and it was frequently used in trifle.  Trifle was also made as an effort to use stale cakes.

If you are in the mood for trifle ... go online ... you'll find hundreds of recipes!  One more tip ... don't hesitate to use that trifle bowl for other things.  I especially enjoy layering lettuce/vegetable salads in it.  

As always, thanks to our hostess!  Make sure you click through the icon on the left to visit other Victoria posts.


  1. Your trifle looks inviting and would have been a hit coming from Victoria magazine.

  2. That looks really good! I love making Trifles! They look as good as they taste!
    I love the recipes found in Victoria - it would have been lovely if they'd put them together in a book,
    Thanks for joining me this week, I truly appreciate you,


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