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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poppies for Victoria ... and Phoebe!

I should post this on one of the "got it for almost nothing" blog parties!  The story behind this tea set is kind of interesting!  The pot came from TJM in one city ... then 100 miles away, I found the creamer in another TJM ... then farther east, I found the sugar bowl!  All three pieces were on the clearance aisles, so I paid less than $5 for all three pieces!  The little basket and the  baby quilt came from GW ... two different trips ... and each cost me fifty cents!  You'll have to read my rooster party post to get the story on the cups/saucers! 

All that said, Victoria magazine instilled my love of tea time and my tea parties are quite unusual.  I trained two Labrador puppies to drink tea from china cups ... just for fun!  My friends were amazed.  One of my favorite memories is of my daddy playing "tea party" with his two great grand daughters.  He was 78 at the time (they were 3) ... and he was sitting in the floor of my sunroom playing with the little dishes and "taking tea"!  Priceless ... and captured on video!  Those girls are grown now, with children of their own!  ...and lastly, I hosted a garden tea party for 50 little children and their moms and grandmoms!  What a hoot!  My staff did the work, but I sured enjoyed the results!  We did this in association with a garden and hobby trade show ... and the local newspaper published a picture of my friends little great nephew!  He was sitting on the floor, under a table.  He didn't want to go to a tea party!   He grown considerably, too ... and attended our Christmas open house a couple years ago.   He quite the mannerly young man, now!

Oh, the stories!  This little tea party is just waiting to happen!   I think the setting might be perfect for Phoebe (3 1/2) to try her hand at tea!  We're about to unveil a new bedroom for her ... at Gwamma and Papa Joe's house ... so we might celebrate with a little tea party.  She'd outgrown her toddler bed, so we've spent the last two weeks moving furniture, etc ... to turn her Mama's old bedroom ... from the hobby room it had become in the last ten years ... to a bedroom for Phoebe!   Enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am seriously loving this Poppy tea set. What a great way to add some color to a beautiful table. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. That is very pretty! Love how you arranged it. I just love TJM. I went there this weekend and didn't come away empty handed!

  3. What a wonderful story! I love how you collected your beautiful poppy tea set and how you've arranged it! Also the sweet story of your father with the great-grandchildren! Phoebe is beautiful - I love her name - my daughter has said if they have a girl they'll name her Phoebe.
    Thanks so much for joining me again this week at A Return to Loveliness,

  4. What a fun post to hear how you were able to collect your poppy set.
    Your tea parties sound like everyone enjoys them.


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