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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Carrot Tops!

Carrot tops are so good! If you don't already know that, you'd better try them! One of the things I enjoy using them for is filling in an omelet or frittata. The flavor of carrot tops/greens is a little like parsley, a little like cilantro and a little like dill! Sure! The flavor is earthy and nutty and when you saute them with the onions for this quick omelet, they are delicious.

That's all I did ... fried a little bacon and sauteed onion slivers and chopped carrot tops in the bacon grease. Then I filled my omelet with all that and added a little cheddar cheese.  All done!  So good!

If you'd like to see a newspaper cooking column I wrote a few years ago about the use of carrot tops, click RIGHT HERE!

I'll be sharing this with a couple blog parties!  Make sure you check them out.


  1. This is excellent---I had no idea! Thank you! :) I love the flavors of dill and cilantro so I'm sure I'll love these too. I noticed you said you were going to share with a couple linky parties so I wanted to let you know I'm still running my homemaking party on Wednesdays at Hope In Every Season but have also started up a new one on my new blog, Big Family Frugal (dot com). It starts on Fridays! Hope you'll stop by!


  2. Well this is new to me! I knew you could eat beet greens, but never heard of eating carrot tops. Thanks for sharing these great ideas with SYC.


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