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Polka Dot Halloween Party!

I host a luncheon or supper party for girlfriends to celebrate Halloween every year!  This year it is a lasagna dinner ... and the theme is all about polka dots!  Hope you enjoy.  I'm linking to Tablescape Thursday ... and as always want to thank Susan for hosting!  After you peruse my posts ... make sure you click through the favicon on the left to visit all the other great posts!

I always focus on the "witch" in us ... and this year ... I found these adorable shoe-shaped plates ... so had to have those to use as bread and butter plates!  Polka dots were already on my mind ... and things kind of fell into place!
I found the salad plates at Cracker Barrel ... and already had the flatware (Cambridge) ... bought the napkin rings at a little local shop and the small casseroles came from TJM.  Yes, I bought lots of stuff for this party ... but I splurge on Halloween!
 The centerpiece in the following collage is just a collection of cute things I already had!
 I can't decide if I like the purple ... in Halloween ...
... or the polka dots in Halloween ... the best!

I jazzed up the mantel in the dining room with these cute little tricksters!  The dogs set off the purple witch ... she screeches ... and then they bark at her!
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