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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From ... almost trash to treasures!

This is my first Met Monday post ... but I couldn't resist showing some neat things I've made in the last month!   I cleaned out our hobby room a couple months ago and found so much stuff to work with ... a box of beads ... lots of beads;  wiggling eyeballs;  all kinds of ribbon and trim scraps ... Take a look at the "afters" ... just imagine the "before" picture of a giant box filled with what could have been trash!  As always, thanks to our hostess ... and don't forget to click through to visit the party!  http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/

I made several sets of napkin rings because I unearthed a giant box of glass beads!  ... several are from natural stones ...others from glass or plastic beads.  They couldn't be easier to do ... all you need is pliable wire.  Put a loop on one end, string the beads and hook the other end in the loop and curl the raw end under so you don't prick your finger with it.  You can make a double length and twist it like the red ring ... or just string beads like the yellow one!  Even if you have to buy the beads, you'll make these for about 20% of the cost of ready-made ones.

I needed a grape wreath for a weekend dinner party and I had all the stuff to make one ... so here it is!  I took it apart when I was done ... so I could use the grapes for other things.

When I make tassels,  I use wooden flower pot shapes and string them with wire that I string beads on.  I've made lots of these and find it a great way to use scraps of ribbon, etc.  Like the painted metal tray? 

I'm sure you've all made ghosts from cheese cloth and Elmer's glue!  I've started making mine on styro balls, so I can insert a hook and hang them!  This year I found some neat Christmas ornament hooks with glass beads on them ... All you have to do is uncurl the bottom of the wire hook and turn it into a spiral .. kind of like those spiral things you put in the ground to chain a dog to ... Then it will stay in the styro ball ... will pull out easily (no glue) ... so you can use all the supplies for something else.  I also sprayed my ghosts with silver  glitter paint.   My daughter sets hers on tall clear wine glasses instead of hanging them! 

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