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Tabletop Tuesday - More Pumpkins!

I've had so much fun with Halloween this year!  Miss Phoebe is old enough to anticipate things ... so she's been planning her mermaid costume for a few weeks!  I love the black silhouette looks that I see in so many places, so I decided to let my Cricut machine make one for myself!  The frame is a 12x12 scrapbook page frame, so I plan to switch it out with the holidays and seasons!  I made the smaller frame of trick-or-treaters with Cricut, too ... and, of course, had to have a mermaid in it!

Just a note about my old leather-bound encyclopedias you see here ... they are a 1900 edition ... so old that if you look up "airplane" you'll find a picture and description of a derigible.  Pretty cool, isn't it?  I've linked to Tabletop Tuesday, so make sure you click through the favicon on the left to visit the big party!  Special thanks to our hostess!