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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Snowmen! Seasonal Sundays!

Most everything that goes on at our house centers around Miss Phoebe!  We are so lucky to have this beautiful little grandchild to love ... and to love us.  When she arrived for my little birthday dinner, she was all dressed up ... carrying my present ... but she made a mad dash for the kitchen table where the cake was sitting!  She announced that she was putting her finger in my cake icing ... and did just that.  She had waited for a few months to do this ... because we had had a conversation back in October about her upcoming December party and the fact that I would not be allowed to stick my finger in HER cake!  It had become a big game ... waiting to get to my cake!

 My composed centerpiece still had a couple Santas in it ... I don't put all the Christmas away until the end of January!   The snowman tower came from  Kohl's ... and the big girl  sitting on the blue chair in the center is handmade ... and came from a big craft show that Phoebe and I visited before Christmas.  I got the big girl and she wanted a little snow girl that matched it.   A few big snowflakes and blue ornaments ... and we were all set for dinner.
This dinner ware came from Kohl's ... the glassware even came from there ... a few years ago!  I certainly didn't need more dishes ... but the giant size of these plates made them stand out ... and I love the skinny tall mugs.  I've had the red flatware for years ... and use it all year long on various tables!  Love red!

Hope you enjoyed my fifty-something birthday!   When I told a youngster friend of mine that I'd had another birthday, the little snot "congratulated" me!   I say "snot" lovingly!  Actually his reaction was the perfect thing to say ... because I'll soon be fifteen years cancer free ... and I count each day ... and certainly every continuing year ... as a gift!


  1. I love red too and I love your table. Those square plates are very pretty and so is your little Phoebe! Happy Birthday. Joni

  2. Happy Birthday, Debbie! This is a precious tablescape, and yes, I enjoyed it very much. Phoebe is as cute as can be, and I can see why you love her so much.

    This is such a festive table, and I think it would make people of every age smile!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Love that table.. What a perfect, happy place to celebrate a birthday. Your Phoebe is a doll! Loved the shot of the icing going to the mouth.

  4. What a fun table! Happy belated B-Day! Looks like you all had a ball-enjoy:@)

  5. What a beautiful Snowman tablescape! Happy Birthday! I will be having one of those 50 something Birthdays the end of the month! I have just finished taking down Christmas in the downstairs and now I will start upstairs. But I do have the downstairs almost finished with my Valentine's Day/ Winter decorating!


  6. Happy Birthday! Those dishes are so cute and so is little miss Phoebe! You are very lucky to have your granddaughter with you for your special day! Linda

  7. What a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday!!!Thanks for bringing your celebration to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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