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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salmon Pink Roses!

Happy you stopped by to see my pretty salmon pink tablescape!  It all began with a TJMaxx purchasse of place mats that were thrift shop priced!   I just happened to have some pretty roses that matched the place mats ... so the fashioning began!

This beautiful green dinnerware was chosen by my husband!  He first saw it in an antique store and the color, of course, took us back to the 1970s.  He said, "buy it."   I didn't do it, though!   Then I found some more at a real junk store ... the kind where you leave and wash your hands!  From then on ... I bought it every time I saw it and finally acquired enough to use for our Autumn Open Houses!
It is Kings Crown, made by Indiana Glass, and it comes in 4 different colors.

The centerpiece is composed of 3 fish bowls from a yard sale ... filled with clear glass marbles to hold the roses and the silk greenery that also came from a yard sale!

I use marbles instead of oasis for faux or real floral arrangements.  They hold everything in place beautifully and can be reused.  Using colored marbles in clear vases allows you to change colors easily.

I used some of the branches of greenery to make napkin rings.   The faux pear in the sherbet dish represents a part of the menu for this meal, which I'll share at the end of my post!

Doesn't it always look beautiful in the light of candles?  Who can pass up the opportunity to share that?   This meal was a luncheon, so the room wasn't this dark, but it was still pretty the night before!

The great cheese board embellished with the grapes came from GoodWill for $2.  Can you imagine?   I have another one similar that I paid $40 for.

The menu for this meal followed an orchard theme ... lots of fruit.  The orchards in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri have wonderful pears, peaches, berries and apples.   You might have noticed the bottles of wine ... one of them was local strawberry dessert wine and the other was that cheap Boone's Farm Watermelon Wine!  We make an incredible sangria, with the Boone's Farm ... that we chock full of fresh melon balls and we make it even better by adding plenty of Midori, a melon liqueur.


Blueberry Spritzer Appetizer Drink
Watermelon Sangria
Poached Pears in Cinnamon Pear Wine
Chicken Salad with Peaches & Pecans
on a Bed of Fresh Greens
Apple and Cheddar Quiche

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  1. I love that set and I think the amber set that I have just recently started stalking and buying might be the same pattern. Yours looks wonderful on that table, especially in the candlelight.

  2. Love the color of those dishes. I love how pretty your table looks with all the glass. Your flowers are the perfect compliment to the table. Love the candlelight photos. xo marlis

  3. You've created a beautiful tablescape, and by candlelight, it is stunning. I've seen the Indiana Glass plates in the ruby glass with the clear thumbprints, but this is the first time that I've come across the green. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  4. Hi, Debbie!!! Your husband was really looking out for you! Isn't that neat when they "get it" and want to participate in your dish addiction!?? :-) My husband and I will be in SE Missouri (Festus) next week. I will be bored out of my mind while he is working, so I will have to take time to check out some of the orchard fruits! Thanks for the tip!!!

  5. Apple and cheese quiche, yum! I would never have thought of that but it sounds delicious. Your table is delicious too. Great tip about using the marbles. Thanks.

  6. Such pretty table, amazing candlelight.

    Enjoyed it very much.

    I'm a new follower.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  7. Oh, what beautiful dishes! I just love the color. I can see why you have hunted it down. The whole table is absolutely lovely. Dinner sounds great!

  8. So pretty -- isn't if funny how after you "turned it down" -- you decided to get it afterall. I've done that myself. Everything old is new again. I've noticed some of the designers going for the 70's look.

  9. Beautiful setting, I love the green glass dishes, beautiful. What a great hubby to tell you to "buy it", he is obviously a "keeper! :) Visiting from the Thrifty Groove, but I didn't do a 'scape :( and I am your newest follower. xo,

  10. I loved your tablescape so much that I am going to become a follower. Your table looks gorgeous!

  11. I love your tablescape. I have some King's Crown stemware (used some in my thirfty tablescape for this party also) but I love those plates with the cups! The menu with all the yummy fruit and Sangria sounds delish!!


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