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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stephanie's Shower for Tyson Calan!

Today was my niece, Stephanie's baby shower ... for Tyson Calan who will be here in just a few weeks!  I am so proud of my Sister-in-law, Carol ... for all her planning and efforts in making this a beautiful event.  Lots of folks pitched in to take care of our big group of family and friends ... but our fearless leader,  Carol ... made this event perfect!

It all began with this cute invitation ... in the shape of a baby bottle!

Then Carol started finding things on Pinterest that she wanted to do!  She sent me a text message of a cute favor and I cranked up the Cricuit!  
Wait til you see the adorable favor!

Everything is adorable ... the ingredients for s'mores as a favor was such a cute idea!  Carol got those giant marshmallows and that made them even cuter ... 4 graham cracker squares, half a big chocolate bar and one of the giant marshmallows!  The chocolate kisses ... with the cute little "it's a boy" round sticker on the bottom were added to sprinkles 
down the middle of the tables.   ...and look at the sprinkles 
and the tiny baby bottles and binkies!

My brother helped Carol make the diaper cake in the center bottom of that collage.  He rolled the diapers ... but I doubt that he'll change any! 

Now for the cakes!   The cake was white and chocolate ... and the cupcakes were adorable!   There were lots of children and they loved the cupcakes!

Of course ... everything on the tables matched the theme!  The tiny sprinkles were so cute ... and the balloons were perfect!

We love to eat!  We had fresh vegetables and strawberries ... chicken salad in croissants ... lots of chips and dip ... and perfect blue punch that was topped with vanilla ice cream and pineapple sherbet!

I loved the fact that Grandma Carol chose 'footprints' as the theme for Tyson Calan's shower ... because he has already left his footprints on our hearts!   We are a family with generations of lots of girls ... so getting a baby boy is a pretty special thing!  My brother is already buying forts and toy soldiers ... and little cars ... He can't wait to play!

Good job Carol Ann!

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