Scrapbooks & Spoolies!

I'm sharing links to a few of the mini scrapbooks I've made!  Just click the link below the picture.

Judy's Christmas Inspirations Mini Book

Carol's Mini Christmas Inspiration Book

Mini Scrapbook for my Sister ... the Grandmal

Thanksgiving Prayer Mini Book for a Friend

Valentine Memories Mini Scrapbook

12th Night Dinner Mini Scrapbook

I've fallen in love with making spoolies! It has become one of my favorite hobbies ... and is such a stress reliever!  On this page, you'll find links to my posts of the spoolies I've made so far! Just click the link below each picture!


A New Magazine!

You asked for it! A new series of online magazines to feed your creativity! You'll find good food and great ideas to entertain your family and friends! Hope you enjoy the tablescapes, ideas for celebrations, recipes and a pinch of food history!