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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Glitzy Pumpkins for Brunch!

I happened in to the local Walmart when Halloween things were 75% off and there were a few glittery pumpkins left, so I bought a couple.  I already had plenty, but I do love pumpkins!

Having my new additions to a rather large collection meant that I had to set one more pumpkin tablescape.  No, it won't really be the last one for the season ... I have another one planned for later!

I also found this cute Harvest Blessings framed tray, so it became an important part of my composed centerpiece.  Notice my 1965 edition of Fannie Farmer's cookbook!  That was the 11th edition published of the original 1896 cookbook.

I mixed my very affordable Walmart Mainstays pumpkin dinnerware with a little collectible green glass!  The tiny butter plates are what we got in the oatmeal box when I was little ... Sandwich Glass!  The green leaf shaped bowl is Anchor Hocking 1960s vintage ... probably from a dime store!  The faux bamboo flatware is twenty years old and just part of my stash!  The beaded place mat is from Kohl's ... on sale-on sale after Christmas a couple years ago!  I would never pay the original price for those things!

Miss Phoebe is spending the night with me tonight, so I think we'll eat Sunday brunch on this table in the sunroom!  When she was little bitty, I'd let her drink coffee from a demitasse cup!  Now, we have our coffee from a big mug.  I've ruined her.

I'll share this post with some of the parties listed in my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see the other posts!  Hope you are enjoying the autumn season!

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