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Magnolia Table for Christmas!

I'm a Southern Girl ... Yes I am!

I love to set a Christmas Table with my old Magnola china!  Magnolia trees are prolific in Southern Illinois and I probably need to remind my readers that I live just 2.5 hours from Nashville and Memphis ... and 5.5 hours from Chicagoland!  Folks generally think "Chicago" when they hear Illinois!  We are the northern tip of the Mississippi River Delta ... and the history of our population is that folks migrated here from the Upland South.   So ... many of our foodways and other customs are southern-based!

Our annual Christmas Open House has a "Bayou" theme this year ... so my followers will eventually see a few mudbugs and at least one little alligator in my Christmas decor ... and my buffet meal will include Crawfish Pie, Jambalaya, Sweet Potato Pie and Pralines!  ... and Hurricanes and Chicory Coffee Punch! 

The pattern of this Monarch China is called "Brenda" and it is 1960s ... the stemmed glassware is a combination of a couple patterns from the 1940s ... and the silverplate is Oneida Community "Evening Star" from the 1950s.  I've amassed a collection of it over the years .. including "afternoon teaspoons" ... "grille forks and knives" ... individual butter knives ... and gumbo spoons!  Love it!

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