Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Beef Sandwich Spread and Arugula

Seems like I've always made sandwich spread with left over roast beef, but the other night I had a nice size of meat left from a grilled New York Strip! I'm not sure what possessed me to buy that size, but I'm glad I did because I stumbled on to a good recipe.

I have lots of herbs in the freezer. Last summer's herb harvest was really good, so I froze lots of it in butter, olive oil and plain water. I made a savory butter compound with a combination of rosemary and thyme from the freezer and some fresh chopped Italian parsley.

I rubbed the steak with some of the herbs, then served it with the butter. I ended up making my sandwich spread, using the left over couple Tablespoons of butter, a little mayonnaise, minced onion and minced celery. I just threw it all in the food processor together! The butter and herbs made it especially delicious!

I started the sandwich stack with a slice of Muenster cheese, topped the meat with sliced cucumbers and sweet peppers and served the sandwiches with a handful of arugula!

Pretty tasty brown bag lunch!

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