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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let me Introduce you to Witchy Rose!

Please meet Witchy Rose!  

She blooms only when she wants ... not every year ... just when special things are about to happen ... in our family.  True story.

I planted this rose bush in 1985 ...  at the end of my rose bed ... close to the front porch.  It is a Queen Victoria, and I think it has her personality!  It grew and grew.  It didn't bloom!

It didn't bloom for years ... then 11 years ago it bloomed and gave us a dozen beautiful long stemmed roses just in time for my daughter's wedding shower!   Then .. it didn't bloom for a few years and I had our front porch extended ... cut the bush down to the ground ... and just laid a new deck right over the bush.  I figured it would die ... but oh, no!  Queen Victoria found her way to sunshine ... through the small space between the slats of the wooden floor. In 2007, she bloomed again ... we had a new grand baby!   In 2010 she bloomed again ... to celebrate another occasion ... last year it bloomed again ... and this year, we have two beautiful blooms ... and we are getting two new babies in the family!

So ... I'm glad Queen Victoria stuck with us!

Here's a little more of that rose bed ... Knock Out roses and a couple other old bushes that I cut back considerably this year.  Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful roses! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.


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