Lovin' Leftovers

I hope you enjoy my columns about using leftovers!  More than any other item, I hear questions about what to do with bananas that are turning dark!  Of course, the answer is to use them to make banana cake or banana bread.  I always remind people that you can freeze a banana and save it for another time.  Frozen, the bananas make perfect ingredients for smoothies.  Let them thaw and use them just like you would use an over ripe banana.  Don’t be alarmed because the banana peel turns black.  The inside will be just fine.

This page is not just about bananas!  I want to share lots of ways to use leftovers.  I managed to feed a husband and daughter … neither of which liked leftovers … meals that were so good that they never detected the leftover ingredients!  Usually!  One exception to that is when I would make what I called pizza burgers using leftover Sloppy Joe meat!  In fact, I was often accused of only making Sloppy Joes so I could make the pizza burgers the next day!  My success in fooling my husband (I think my daughter usually caught on) was not putting the leftovers on the table the next day.  I’d fill the freezer and use the food at a different time.  I’m hoping the columns I’ll be adding to this page will help you get creative and learn to love your leftovers!

If you are interested in using dark bananas to make a really good ... but easy ... cake ...

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