Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Saint Patrick's Day 2021

I always set a St. Pat's Day table!  I have lots of green and I enjoy using it.  I had the most fun with this scape by creating the three-tiered display using things from all over the house ... including the Irish Spring soap!


A Temptations dish on top of a Tiara sweet pear plate!  

The most significant pieces on this tiered display are the three stacked butter pats in the lower left picture.  Those were my husband's grandmother's.  I'd date them about 1930.  The little salt dip is much younger!  Phoebe and I found them at an outdoor flea market and I bought them only because the spoons are also glass.

This oil painting is a find from BigLot's!  Can you believe that?  I love the  combination of the peach with the bold greens.

I like to throw in something of a color that is outside of the traditions!  For this table, the teal blue is that pop I was looking for.

I'll share this with a couple blog parties, so take a look at the short list on my sidebar!  Enjoy!


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