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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ladybug Tea Party!

I'd do just about anything for this granddaughter of mine!  Miss Phoebe started first grade this week and she is in the Ladybug Class ... so, today, we had a Ladybug Tea Party!

The star attraction for Phoebe ... Ladybug cupcakes!  Wilton makes a cute kit ... and I couldn't resist!

Phoebe has loved hot tea since she was old enough to understand the tea party episode of Backyardigans!  We made her a fancy pot of hot tea while she watched it ... and Joe and I played tea party with her!  She used a china cup, even though she was hardly old enough to hold it!   I figured that if she broke it, I had about 400 more to choose from!

The fancy part of this tea party is my cooking column for this week, so I'll wait to share recipes after it runs!   Check back next week for an update with recipes!   I'll tell you now, though, that the little cheesecakes have yellow summer squash in them!

 My plate looked pretty good!  Yummy!

I chose my Blue Willow china because it was handy and I love the old pattern.  I like to tell Phoebe the story depicted in this pattern, although today we didn't have time for that.  We had lots of school talk going on!

And one last picture ... of a very tired waiter who is parked on his rug with his favorite magazines!

I'll be sharing this with a few blog parties this week, so make sure you click through to visit some of the other posts!  Go to my home page, first though ... I have some other new posts that you'll love.  I've baked bread using Apple Ale instead of plain old beer ....... and I've posted the 3rd in my series of "12 Days of Leftover Turkey"!!


  1. Phoebe is just too gorgeous! Wish we could be together having tea with our Darling g'girls...I have two I adore like you!" Your tea setting for the two of you is lovely with the pretty blue transferware china. I love the whole thing! Big hugs,

  2. Well, that's an awfully cute first grader. You know, the part about letting her use the fancy china cup is dear to my heart. I have had my grandchildren help me set the table for fancy dinners since they were easily able to hold a plate. Of course, the rule was that they could only bring me one plate at a time, but still they carted them to the dining room themselves. I think it gives them a feeling for caring for delicate things, just like learning to pet a dog or cat gently. Everything and everyone deserves special attention now and then. They should begin to learn that early on.
    Your tea parties are much fancier than mine (peanut butter and jelly with no crusts).
    That's a pretty dress Phoebe is wearing. Did you get it for her?

  3. Phoebe is adorable! I taught first grade. It was my favorite grade. I can just imagine how much fun you have with this little girl. Your tea party is full of goodies, and your blue willow set is lovely.


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