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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wing Wing Reruns!

I'm posting a series of photographs that are three years old!  When Miss Phoebe was two, she loved "wing wings"!  Actually, she still loves penguins, but we had this party right after Christmas back when she couldn't say "penguin"!

I decorated the entire sunroom for the party and had goodie bags and all kinds of cute things for her to play with and take home.
The plates and glasses were plastic and 
came from the Dollar Tree!

She sure has grown since these days!  Look at her pictures in my side bar.  Notice her with her napkin, though ... Even then,  her mama was teaching her how to behave at the table!  We couldn't get her to sit down on this day ... because I had 
crammed too much in that room ... for her to play with!

Nothing better than snowball cookies for a penguin party!  You might call them wedding cakes ... sometimes they are balls and other folks make them in the crescent shape.

I'm posting this trip down memory lane with Tablescape Thursdays and Potpourri Friday, so make sure you click through to visit all the other posts!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet post at Potpourri Friday!

  2. "Wing wings." TOO CUTE!!! I can just imagine how she struggled to say "penguins" but could only manage the decidedly much cuter version of "wing wings." You really did it up for Phoebe on that birthday! Wow!!! She was a happy little camper!!! Mmmmmmm....snowball cookies! I've had them as crescents and as snowballs. Shape doesn't matter to me...I'm scarfin' 'em down like there's no tomorrow! :-) Have a great weekend, Debbie!


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